Understand How To Make Money On Youtube

Making money on Youtube is not directly linked to the number of views

Youtube is a video-US based company that was masterminded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. They were former employees of the most popular online payment processor, Paypal. Youtube is the largest and most popular platform that hosts videos on the internet for free. Videos demand a lot hosting resources that include huge disk space and memory to keep the video player running. It was created with the aim of allowing video creators to share their content freely without restrictions. Today, people make money on Youtube.

Youtube of today

The Youtube we know today has grown to an estimate of 300 hours of video content viewers per day and over 4 billion of hours watched per month. Youtube never stopped adding relevant features and later they established Youtube partner program and Adsense that has made the platform create careers for Youtubers. Video content creator can now create video channels and monetize their content. Youtubers who have mastered the rules of Youtube and have quality videos that impact on the viewers earn even much better than the minister of interior.

In October 2006, Youtube was sold to Google at $1.65 Billion. This was one of Google’s biggest acquisitions of that time.

The first ever uploaded video on youtube

When Youtube was first launched, a 19 second video was uploaded ” Me At The Zoo”. It was uploaded by Jawed on April 23, 2005.

The second video was that of the Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho. It was the first viral video clip, taken receiving his golden boots.

Make Money On Youtube Through Quality Content Creation

You need at least 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch hours in the past one year. Your channel should demonstrate the ability to create content that can be watched. You do not earn money by just uploading videos or by the number of views. You have to monetize your videos by joining the Youtube partner program and earn through Ads. Ads from Adsense are shown alongside your video when viewers are watching.

Earnings will be measured  per CPM or CPC. CPM means cost per mile while CPC means cost per click. CPM on Youtube could mean 1000 impressions of at least 30 seconds on Ads. It simply means what you earn per 1000 views of video Ads that lasted at least 30 seconds.

CPC earnings are generated per every click made by viewers on the Ads being shown to them while watching your videos.

You can also earn by joining Youtube premium. Viewers pay a fee to support content creators, it’s pay to access.

Factors that influence how much you can make on Youtube

Your content niche

Your usual or regular content will not earn you much. Your videos should cover interesting topics and be engaging. The niche should fit and give solutions to viewers. Solutions can be educative or entertainment. There are so many content niches that you can align with what you love doing. It can be inform of reviews on products and services, informative or entertaining.

Some of the Youtube niches:

  • Comedy
  • Free courses
  • Sports analyses
  • Share skills
  • Guidelines on how to
  • Life experiences
  • Music
  • Money matters
  • Motivation

CTR Rate

CTR means click through rate. If most the views are coming from people who have installed Ad blockers, the reality in your earnings will total to nothing. You need to know that Youtube only pays you for impressions and clicks and not on the amount of views. Your video could have 10,000,00 views but if it does not have impressions and clicks, you earn zero. CTR  is measured in percentage and if your stats show a CTR  of 10%, this means that out of 100 viewers, only 10 clicked on the Ads.

Desktop vs Mobile

Desktop viewers get more Ads than mobile viewers and this leads to a high CPC and CPM.

Demographic region

Developed countries tend to have a high CPM and CPC compared to third world countries. Where your traffic comes from will have an influence on how much you will earn on Youtube.

Number of Ad-placements

The number of Ads you place on your videos will affect your earnings at the end of the day. Some viewers will exit or unsubscribe from your channel if you seem so much into Ads than their user experience.

Quality of content

Viewers on Youtube are looking for solutions that come with a better user experience. Quality content in terms of the voice, video sharpness and overall package of the content within the video will determine how long users will stay on your video, how many will come back to watch it again and how many will share it out to their friends.

Length of video

Very short videos or video clips are not the best for monetization on Youtube. They might not even qualify to have you on a partner program.


As part of search engine optimization, you need to have both long tail and short tail key words when uploading your videos. This will help your video to be among the top search results on Youtube and Google search results. Remember, a lot of content creators are out there doing their best to win audience over; the one who does a great SEO when all other factors are constant wins.

Other ways you can use to make money on Youtube

You can make money on youtube without relying on CPM and CPC as follows:

  1. As long as you have a good following in terms of subscribers, you can launch a product or service that always aligns with your videos. If you always do wordpress-explainer videos, think of selling a theme or plugin you have developed. Think of selling installation service or fixing bugs.  If you do cooking videos, think of offering catering services or a paid course in baking to your local residents.
  2. Work with brands as an affiliate marketer. Get paid commission per every sell you drive to their products and services.
  3. Ask for donations to support what you do if you have not monetized your videos and more so if they are charitable videos. Let your subscribers and viewers support your course. For example, if your videos involve reaching out  people in slums or doing content that reveal human suffering and therefore attract interventions.
  4. A Youtube school where you charge a fee to allow access to your restricted content.
  5. Run commercial Advertisements on your videos. Look for business deals with brands and sign a contract of 1, 3 or 6 months of exclusive advertisements within your videos.

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