Teenage Sex and Parenting Loopholes

Chances of becoming less productive in teenage life and early 20s are quite high if a teenager discovers the pleasures of sex as early as 13 years. Sex is a force and a drug that affects straight thinking and creativity. It sucks the energy of a noble creative mind and reduces it to a mere sex object. A kid who discovers reasonable penetration will channel all his or her energy towards such acts because sex occupies the better part of thinking on daily basis especially to a new newbie at such an early stage.

Sex as a negative energy

If they discover it, trying to stop them will be world war 3 and they can disrespect, abuse or even kill for sex. Introduction of contraceptives is just a way of amplifying the act. I grew up knowing that sex is for adults and it was due to constant affirmations and reminders from those who were around me, though times have changed; instilling values that caution such discoveries at an early stage will be of great help than leaving the matter to pick a fluid direction.
With early pregnancies and infections aside, sex is a force that has been slippery even the able minds of adults.  It destroys young creative minds.

Poisonous freedom 

Technology is here with a lot of content that is not censored (porn sites, Apps, movies, Secret social media groups) but as a parent, it’s your responsibility to be in charge of at least 60%. 10% for learning institutions, 10% for the society and 20% for the kid to judge when exposed. Too much freedom in early years means nothing. You think your kid will be thankful to you in her 30s, after you gave him all the freedom at 15 years of age to test alcohol, go for sleepovers and watch anything anywhere? As parents,we have made our kids our peers, left our kids with the responsibility of behaving like adults and given accessories that promote sex curiosity.
If you think your parents were right the way they raised you though you thought they didn’t love you then; why can’t you do most of it to your child today? When was the last time you had a sex discussion with your kid? The kid is doing all the discoveries because you are not open and close enough to ease the tension. This is where porn sites and sex extortionists win the game. They meet a less informed kid on matters sex and related consequences.
It’s not all lost, you can start doing something now.

Author: Festus
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