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What do we do?

AFROBORA Digital Entrepreneurship Mentorship School (ADEMS) is one of the pillar programs under Afrobora Services Consultancy; a registered firm that offers training in digital and freelancing subjects, personal development, business skills, idea development and online business mentorship. The training runs for 4 consecutive weeks onsite, a 2-week trainee-mentor interaction and 4 months of continuous online guidance in business implementation.

Personal Skills Development

This component inspires a positive attitude towards releasing the inner power and being productive in the society.Become more self-aware, and learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and those of other people. 

Business Skills Development

Business development is the identification of long-term methods to increase value of a product or service through the development of relationships, markets and customers. This component instills necessary business skills ahead of the actual online business.

Mentorship in Digital Business

We have an experienced team of mentors that are currently at their best in digital entrepreneurship. We train and link our trainees to matching mentors. Our mentorship team will share the steps in their journey, guide and inspire.