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“May be you have convinced yourself as failure because you never risk to take your ideas out there.”
Afrobora Ideas for greatness
Festus W.
Product development Expert

Who We Are

Afrobora is a registered consultancy firm in Training and Freelance Services. We focus on personal development, crucial business skills, and online entrepreneurship courses that produce successful freelancers.

We are into building long lasting relationships with our clients. We shall always bring you deserving knowledge based products and services that add value to your life and environment.  

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Training & Courses

We offer onsite training and online courses in corporate environments, startup business skills and personal development. Job creation oriented courses in E-commerce, turning talents and skills into digital revenue for youths and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Self Employment

Pro Self Employment Courses are supposed to help the trainees in getting skills that will help them become self employed and employ others as they grow. These courses are offered by experts who have practically walked that particular business journey to gain experience that will be poured into your able hands. The trainers are people currently doing it, you learn from the source

Service Providers

Access freelancers in Kenya and East Africa Community without worries of losing money. Web developers, Graphic designers, Writers, Consultancy services, Errand services, Counselling services, Advisory Services, Marketers, Counselors, Creative Minds, Business and Marketing concepts.

Ideas and Creativity

We have think tanks and researchers on Afrobora on business ideas, marketing ideas, design ideas and concepts. Be it business name suggestions, domain suggestions, custom marketing concepts, product design and presentation ideas or just anything that calls for creativity. You can also buy ready to access business guides, marketing guides, birthday guides, design concepts, or just any kind of guide you may need. You browse through, place your order and download instantly.

Massive Benefits

Lipa Baadaye is a service that allows our Afrobora users to acquire items, tickets, local holidays and borrow money based on their scale ratings in our entire system. It comes at no interest, no blacklisting, no threats and no deadlines. 

Business Stimulation Talks and Training

Everyone can do much better as long as he/she has the right energy after inner power activation. Invite Afrobora team to inspire your employees, your students and youth groups. Our talks can last a day, a week, 2 weeks or just hours depending on how we agree. We specialize in job creation and self employment ideas, custom content for organizations, How to turn your business into a digital empire, Using websites and Apps to make a living, and personal development hacks that ignite greatness.

We are open for partnership and collaborations