Affordable Business Management Systen

Create a project, create a team for the project, create tasks and assign them to team members. Easily know which team member or employee is engaged to which task and when is the task supposed to be completed.

Retail and wholesale inventory and POS

Retail and wholesale inventory and Point of sale system. This system manages your sales, gives reports on how much was sold in a day, a week, a month, and gives your business the guidance on profit and loss grounds.

Digital Business Card

Afrobora Digital identity branding - we create one link that houses profile, social media links, connection to your WhatsApp, portfolio showcase, services showcase and appointment scheduling.

Afrobora web services

Affordable Online Shops

Have your products organized in categories, linked to whatsapp and with images and description via our affordable online shop. We design it to suite your colours, and taste.

Affordable websites for businesses

Affordable websites for businesses. We create responsive, fast loading and user friendly websites for corporate and individuals. We charge very little for quality work.

Traning and Digital Entrepreneurship

Afrobora offers a range of training programs that cover personal development, business Skills and online entrepreneurship.We train our experience and proven processes that unlocks the inner potential to greatness of the universe.