Top 7 Wordpress SEO Tools - Be ahead of the game

When searching for “top 7 WordPress SEO tools”, you ‘ll come across several dozen SEO tools and this can be quite overwhelming for new and non-techy users. You don’t need all of the top SEO tools to get a higher searching rank. You just need good SEO tools for your WordPress site to speed it up and boost SEO rankings.

Several WordPress SEO tools are completely free and you can also find some third-party SEO tools for bringing up powerful stats, backlink information, and keyword rankings.

SEO is always confusing even for experienced website owners. Finding pages and posts with high potential, reorganizing site structure, fixing broken links, and conducting an SEO audit is not easy for most site owners. But when you go with the right SEO tools and the complete knowledge to implement those tools, you’ll be good on your way to search engine success.

You can find out top WordPress SEO tools from the list below, make sure to increase traffic with SEO tweaks.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the top 7 WordPress SEO tools available in the market, with more than five million active users. It offers a complete website optimization tool to improve your website, a beautiful interface and user-friendly option make your product pages and blog posts stand out. You can easily add SEO titles and descriptions to all pages and posts on your website. It also lets you add Open Graph metadata and social media images to your blogs. Yoast is the most popular.

Lots of things, you can do with it.

§  Verify site in Webmaster tools (Google, Baidu, Yandex, Bing, etc.)

§  Create an XML sitemap

§  Exclude certain types of content from being indexed in search engine results.

§  Optimize AMP pages.


SEMRush is used by most professional SEO experts, bloggers, marketers, and businesses of all sizes and it is another top WordPress SEO tool on the market. It can provide a comprehensive set of SEO tools to grow your website traffic.

By using it, you can find out organic keywords and search terms to easily rank your website. SEMRush also allows competitive research to see which keywords your competitors rank for and how you can beat them. With the help of the SEMRush SEO writing Assitant tool, you can improve your website content to beat the top 10 results for your focus keywords. You can write more SEO friendly content due to it integrates with WordPress. SEMRush is the king of SEO. Asklocality uses SEMRush for keyword and competition research.

Rank Math

Rank Math is one of a fast-growing user-friendly WordPress SEO tool. It allows you to optimize your website for social media and search engines. You can import date from other SEO tools during the setup due to its setup wizard. You can easily add meta title, Open Graph metadata, and description to your article posts. The tools also allow you to generate an XML sitemap, control access, and Google Search Console to plugin features based on user roles.

You only need one top WordPress SEO tool on your site, therefore Rank Math can be used as Yoast SEO alternative. Rank Math is the saviour of SEO. Asklocality uses Rankmath.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is offered by Google and it is a free top SEO tool that helps you to maintain and monitor your site’s presence in Google Search results. It can alert you when Google is unable to index and crawl on your website pages. You can also find out tips on how to fix those crawl errors.

The most important, it shows which keywords your website is ranking for, average position, anchor texts, impression, and more. With the help of this data, you can find keywords where you can easily rank higher by simply optimizing your content.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool for bloggers, marketers, and businesses. It offers a lot of similar tools and features like SEMRush and it is a popular alternative. By using Ahrefs, you can do keyword research, backlink research, competition analysis, monitor keyword rankings, and more. It offers a detailed content analysis tool and also helps you to get more backlinks and build more partnerships. Ahrefs identify which content multiple of your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t, so you can create content on those subjects.

It helps you better identify duplicate keyword cannibalization and content to upgrade the right content to boost your rankings. Ahrefs Is The SEO Champion.

Moz Open Site Explorer & Pro

Moz is another most famous SEO tool for its use (domain authority). Many SEOs utilize other metrics like domain authority from Moz and domain rating from Ahrefs to judge a power of site as it pertains to SEO.

Most of the Moz Open Site Explorer is free but limited to some extent. When you search your own website it shows up a list of inbound links, linking domains, top pages, and more.


KWFinder is one of the top SEO tools, that includes support for SERP analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking. It offers more affordable pricing for you on a budget. The price starts from $29.08 per month and the highest price point is $79.08 per month with increases the numbers of keyword trackings and lookups.