15 Legit Online Income Ways – Making Money Online Explained

Aren’t you interested in making money online especially after being taught new normal approaches to life by the Covid 19 Pandemic? The internet has transformed the way we do business. With internet connection and computer, you can earn money online as long as you put in effort and time.Here are the 15 Legit Online Income Ways:

1. Blogging

A blog is an informational website where writers share their views on subjects their of choice, commonly referred to as a niche. It can be fashion, health, agriculture among others. You can monetize your blog by placing adverts and affiliate links on your site or selling sponsored posts. Blogging requires patience since you need a lot of  high targeting website traffic to realize substantial conversions.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about blogging or creating discussions in relevant forums about advertisers’ merchandises  and they pay you commission for every sale that come from your content. Join affiliate programs like linkshare and commission junction.

3. Video blogging

People are making money by creating YouTube videos. Most bloggers have turned to videos to convey their message by having a video blog or just creating a Youtube channel. All you need is 4000 minutes of watch time and 1000 subscribers within 12 months to qualify in a partner program.

4. E-commerce

Normally, a website is designed to encourage buying and selling of goods and services on the web. E-commerce has become a commonly used method for global marketing of both physical and downloadable products. Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Jumia, Mrsplitit and ebay are some the top examples of e-comerce platforms.

The components that make E-commerce include catalogue, shopping cart and payment process.


Is a best way to provide available items the company have for internet users and consumers. Is a list of products and services that can be purchased via internet.  It makes it easier for consumers to go directly to the item of interest and select it for purchase purpose.

A good catalogue is the one that categorizes items by their nature, price and size.

The website designer should make it easier for internet users to interact with different items within the described catalogue. This can be done by giving each catalogue an Icon of access.

Shopping cart

A good website must have a shopping cart that will assist the consumer to select items that are to be purchased. A shopping cart is like a shopping basket where the prospective buyer puts all the items ready for purchase. A good shopping cart offers more details that will help consumer make enquiries, orders and peruse each item.

Payment process(Checkout)

It’s the responsibility for any website designer for E-commerce to establish some ways for customers to make purchase. This payment process should not be tedious and frustrating rather should be simple and friendly to the user.

The website should help the prospective buyer to find it favorable to do shopping without stress. It’s important to have authorized billing system for accountability sake.

You may use vouchers, credit card, Lipa na Mpesa, Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe, master card and visa card for payment.

5. Consultancy services

As a consultant, you must identify your strength and skills, find out what your clients need and start offering your services as you  get paid. Consultancy services will require a platform that supports payment collection, setting availability times and online chatting like Afrobora. Be it legal, Advisory, Counselling, Career or general guidance, you can find what you are good at and help others make smart decisions.

6. Graphics design

Having a creative mindset can help you make money by creating graphic designs and illustrations for companies and even selling your designs. You need an efficient laptop or desktop with a big RAM and Graphics card to handle the long working hours, heavy graphics and design like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Adobe InDesign. Check here for computers and accessories that fit Graphics and Design work

Have a look at this screenshot, you will realize that designer has over 2000 sales with an average of $35 per sale. You should now pinch yourself hard and start doing something bigger than yourself.

Graphics design pays..and he has 17 orders in queue. The content in the screnshot above should motivate you to gather your energy and tools and dive deeper into your Graphics and design career. Sale your services at Afrobora.com

7. Web development

If you have skills in tech, you can make money and become your own boss by designing websites and maintaining them for business companies online since there is shortage of reliable developers worldwide.

8. Online courses

If you have skills in a particular subject you can make money by tutoring people online. You can start your own website or join already established SAAS platforms like Udemy and offer your course(s) to the entire world. Your course can be a complex or just a simple but necessary course. Pricing of the course doesn’t have to be expensive, focus on sales volumes.  One course at $20 per user is just fine. A global market is likely to give you 5000  trainees on average and that is a cool $ 100,000.

May be you think i am dreaming because you lack the energy to give the best and get the best. Have a look at the screenshot below showing some of the courses on Udemy. Make it a pay and access course, well organized in modules and topics. What if you had 5 or 10 solid courses? You need patience and focus to see these great results.

Create a course and make moneyWhat you are seeing in the brackets are the number of sales. You can only rate a course after taking it. Imagine yourself with 49,000 sales, okey, that may be unrealistic to you; why can’t you make it 7,000 sales in stead of 49,000? Believe in yourself and make things happen.

How to make business from online courses

·         Join online courses platforms a seller and publish your course.

·         Hire a web developer to create a personal website for selling your courses.

·         Hire a web developer to create a SAAS or multi-vendor platform for offering courses. Instructors or tutors join your website to publish courses and you make a commission per every sale they get.

9. Digital marketing services

People will pay for your services if you have skills to promote their products using internet. Types of digital marketing include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social media Marketing(SMM), Email marketing , online advertising among others. Lately, you can become a social media influencer as long as you have engaging traffic on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube channel. The best influencer markerter is the one that has established a niche through social media. If you like talking about Fashion, fashion stores will look for you, if you you are into exploring coffee varieties in restaurants, coffee brands and cafes will be your clients.

10. Sale a web script or software

Turn your idea into a plugin, Theme, PSD or Template and sell it through trusted marketplaces for web plugins, themes, add-ons and templates. If you have web development skills the better, if you lack skills but you have an idea; hire a web developer to create one for you. Here is the fact; it will consume your time and money to have a stable script that meets the international standards but later you will be enjoying sales. Your job after creating the script will be to offer support and updates, that’s it. It can cost you $500 to $2000 to have the plugin or theme ready but the sales will be your motivation. Do not overprice, just capitalize on sales volumes.

Sale it at $ 70 to 50,000 buyers and make a cool $3,500,000. I don’t just talk or write with imaginary figures, have a look at that screenshot from one of the marketplaces and challenge your thoughts.

Create and sell plugins and themes From the screenshot above(taken on 6/19/2020), total sales are 62,340 by $26 = $ 1,620,840. What is stopping you from making 10 million in the next 3 years if you start implementing your digital idea today?

11. Freelance writing

Content writing takes time and dedication; you need a laptop/desktop and internet connection before you start writing and making money. Offer your writing services on your freelance websites like Afrobora, Upwork and Fivver. We strongly advice you to join Afrobora.com, a dedicated team will help you make it. After getting all the needed experience, direct clients will be coming your way after going through your portfolio or digital cv that you can showcase in various places online( Reddit, Linkedin, Facebook, Quora). Create your digital profile at Nilegit.com

You must research widely, write on facts, free from plagiarism and the content should cover several focus keywords as part of on-page Search Engine Optimization.

12. Transcription

Transcription has to make it to the list of 15 Legit Online Income Ways because it has employed many freelancers. It basically involves listening to an audio or video and typing it into a written content. You charge per minute rate, from $0.4/minute all the way to $2/minute. Be ready to get some training and do tests, you will fail several times but success will come your way in the end. Do not be in a hurry to create accounts on Transcription sites, you must prepare and be ready.

Transcription Tools:

·         Earphones that cancel noise

·         Ergonomic chair

·         Ergonomic computer and accessories

·         Stable and fast internet

·         A quiet working environment

·         A software

Transcription Platforms

·         Speechpad

·         GoTranscript

·         Facebook transcription gigs

·         Verbit

·         TranscribeMe

·         QA world

·         Rev

13. Review and Opinion

Companies will hire you to review their products and services. You can review Apps, Websites, Blogs, and physical products. After testing, you write a report with suggestions for improvement, point our cons and pros. How much they will pay you foe service depends on your level of knowledge, experience and negotiation skills.

14. Sell Photos and Video Clips

The internet is driven by original content and photos and videos make an appealing part of blogs, websites, online news websites, magazines and social media post. Stock photos and video clips are ever on demand, make good use of your camera to bring in some money. Shutterstock is the biggest and most known marketplace for stock photos. Why do people and companies buy photos and video clips when they can easily search on the internet and download for free?  Lack of knowledge make people do that but it’s illegal. The images should be royalty free or be sourced from the manufacturer of such products  in case one is reselling the items.  Have a look at the screenshot;

It is a 6 seconds video clip selling at $179 for 4K and $79 for HD. It can be included in a promo video and marketing as a whole. Invest in a good camera and make it happen.

15. Sell Ebooks

An ebook is an electronic form of a hard copy book. This being one of the most stable of the 15 Legit Online Income Ways, take it seriously. Pick a niche, write excellently with zeal and enthusiasm. Publish and sell it through online book stores like Amazon or through your own platform. Do not overprice, compare prices with other sellers before you put a final price tag. You can seal each download at $10, and if you can manage 3000 sales from the entire global market’ you bank a cool $30,000 in a year. Your book should offer a solution or bring a great pack of entertainment to the reader. It must address a need. Let’s get facts from a screenshot;

Writing ebooks for business. As you can see, the last ebook (The Silent Patient) has over 65,000 sells on Amazon at $13.99 per sale. Imagine if you had 5 ebooks and each was averaging at 5000 sales in 3 years. 21,000 sales for $13 each, this will earn you $325,000. How you interpret these figures is all under your power, people are doing it and you are a somebody too.

Now that you have 15 Legit Online Income Ways, i leave it to you to make a decision and make things happen. These world is for those who believe in their abilities and can start doing something as amateurs or as professionals. You have to get started to experience the change you always think about. As human beings, we are limited by our internal fears and lack of courage but once we get started, momentum sets in and nothing can dim the blossoming greatness. The screenshots in this article are a clear indication that people are actually making it happen and they started from zero sales to 2, 5, 50 and now in their thousands.

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